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AFC Hornchurch Supporters Association AGM 28th May 19.30 at the Bridge


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Please come along to the AGM in the club house. Bar will be open. Please support us we help to raise funds for the Club and supporters. 28th May at 19.30


Rob can you pin this please

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Non-members who want to attend may do so providing they enrol in the Supporters Association prior to the commencement of the meeting.


Adults - £15

Concessions - £7.50

Juniors (aged 16 or under) - £5


All prices include the limited edition badge, which will be available on the night.

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will be there.


cant people enrole after the meeting if they want to?

Seems like its only for a few (members). If people have an interest in the club then they should be allowed to turn up and join as a member if they wish to after, without having them feel like they have to be a memeber to hear what goes on at the club!

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Yes I will be there.


In terms of SA membership, all fans had plenty of opportunity during last season to become a member, and even reduced prices for the second half, and a small one-off payment for it is not excessive. My suggestion is if someone who watched us last season but didn't become a member wants to attend then they should call the club and arrange early membership personally.

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I think fans should turn up wether members or not if they want to join they can nothing to stop people having a drink and listen to what's going on if they want to then all well and good but if non members then they cannot vote on items so please come along regardless

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This should be a chance for non members to come along and see what the SA does for the club and maybe they will want to become members next season, as for asking them to become a member for the past season I don't see the point. Just make it clear that they can not vote on any of the actions.

 Remember we all want to see the club doing well and any way of bringing revenue in is the first priority so the more people that turn up, whether they are members or not, has got to be the way forward.


  I would like to make it clear that this is the first season I have not been a member since the SA began as I have been out of the UK for most of it.

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To clarify my original post -


Non-members are welcome to attend but cannot vote on the night.


Membership prices for the coming season are -

ADULTS - £15


JUNIORS (age 16 or under) - £5


All prices include the limited edition badge.

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Apologies in advance for my absence as I shall be in the Roxi bar in Loggos, Paxos prior to a jolly good meal.

How do I join before next Monday, is it a case of contacting the club?,

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