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Hopes For 2015?

Chris Clapham

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As we go into 2015, I just hope we can keep things together at Wibbandune.

January is a huge month for everyone at the club with the County Cup and FA Vase games as well as numerous league matches where we are hoping to begin collecting enough points so as to avoid any springtime relegation struggles this time around. That would make a welcome change!

Football is struggling at the lower levels of the pyramid and I would like to see as competitive a division 1 as is possible next season and a season free of off field footballing politics and, of course, an increase in attendances and general support and sponsorship across the board.

Irrespective of what happens, I have adopted a more open mind as to other CCL clubs (and football in general) this season and my reward has been extra enjoyment and a decent level of interaction with club officials, players and supporters.

This is a good league with numerous hard working people doing their best to keep their clubs afloat and I wish ALL clubs improved success with their efforts.

I would like to see less sniping of individuals (especially on this forum) and a little more loyalty from players to their clubs.

Outside of the CCL, I will continue to follow the progress of the Surrey Elite League with interest whilst hoping Brentford don't repeat their previous efforts when in the second tier of football!

Have a great 2015 all.

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I'm just a tad dissappointed there won't be any football at Meadowbank for a good while yet.


However  -  A happy, peaceful new year to one and all on here.


I may have ruffled a few feathers here and there over the past years, but I have made many, many good friends in the CCL.

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Ruffled feathers? You?


Only with your one-liners.



Tim Vine is one of my heroes

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Gotta say BJR nothing worse than trying to catch up on the boards post and spending a good 20 mins shifting though your one liners !



It keeps you out of mischief  though !!



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