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New Manager

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Pottrays  he may be...........but a Stokie?......he's a Port Fail fan?


So, under his management, football will now be known as 'nogger', players will to taught to 'kick a bow agin a wow and yed it til it bosts', chayse 'n' bacon oatcakes at half time and all future greetings will be "Ay up duck, ow at, owe rate?" And any player stepping out of line is likely to get a 'bosted lip ark'!


Welcome Andy mar mate, yowell pureet rate duck.

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Guess this appointment goes to show that ETFC can attract the biggest managerial names around at this level. The Chesham fans generally seem to have nothing but praise for Andy - for his efforts when the club was struggling as well as when they were giant-killing in the FA Cup and making play-off finals.


Now I'm just interested to see how many (if any!) he retains, and who he brings in.

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Could we see the return of former captain Curtis ugah.

Left us and returned finally to Chesham with Andy


Thought the consensus was that the Curtis who played for us wasn't the player he once was?


I'd be a little concerned at the lack of pace at the back if 40yo Darren Purse was also in the starting line-up.

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Have just been on the phone to Professor Aster following the appointment of Andy Leese and asked him what he made of it in the light of his syllabic findings. What follows is a verbatim tape script:


“This would appear to be a risky choice, wouldn’t it Professor?”


“Not a bit. In fact, I think the Board has been rather cunning.”


“How so?”


“Well, look at that final ‘e’. It’s screaming out to be pronounced.”




“Yes. Look at “Conte”. Nobody would pronounce it “Cont”, would they?”


“Spurs fans might.”


“Fair point.”


“OK, so what are you saying?”


“It’s simple really. The Board has acted on my findings, but is going to fly Andy under the radar. To all intents and purposes it will seem to other clubs that the Board has shot itself in foot by appointing a manager with a monosyllabic surname. But WE know that that final ‘e’ is loaded with syllabic power.”


“So what you’re saying is ‘Keep quiet about that final ‘e’ and….”


“…and final our inner Conte!”


“But won’t all the other clubs now realise how cunning our Board has been and make plans to nullify us next season?”


“My dear boy, of course not. You don’t think anyone actually reads this stuff, do you?” 

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I'd be a little concerned at the lack of pace at the back if 40yo Darren Purse was also in the starting line-up.

So we'll have to play Percy alongside him. Our central defence would then be Pursey and Percy!


I'll get me coat

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At face value, very good appointments. A proven manager at this level and one with a record of staying at a club (a

testament to not only him but his last club). Not certain whether they will be co-managers or the same sort of arrangement

with Borg-Quinton and Quinton-Porter but we get not one but two well credentialed persons. Darren Purse comes with the

experience of 556 Premier and Football League games under his belt and transfer fees paid for him of GBP2.5 million. Also

played in a League Cup Final and was player of the year during his time at Birmingham City. I saw him play when we were in

London in 2011/12. He was playing with Plymouth Argyle at the time. A no-nonsense, well organized player who will hopefully instil the same in our defence.

Well done to the Board.

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I'm a Slough Town fc fan and I was glad to see the back of Andy Leese in his managers job at Chesham fc because he was excellent for them and we hardly ever got a look in when we played our local rivals.


I think Enfield fc, with their non league pedigree, have made a first class appointment, and to get Darren Purse also is a win-win for your club.


I'm just glad you're in the Ryman Premier and not the Southern Premier ! ha ha !  

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Along with the two previous comments I have recently heard from a reliable source that our new manager " can be a bit short on personality" but by admission from the same source has large contacts amongst our level of non-league football. Also that some other candidates may have had better credentials but little experience with working with in the parameters of our team budget.


In these circumstances the decision has been made and we can only await the outcome. After all it could have been Ricky's previous manager!!!!!!!

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He has an amazing little black book of non-league contacts. I'm concerned that he gets too emotional and it tends to cloud his tactical thinking. Would be an excellent coach alongside a level-headed manager but watch out for run ins with opposition managers and officials that cost games.

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