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I Totally agree with the Hereford point of view and I am sure both Alex and Colin will be wanting to take the same set of loyal supporters who have had season tickets or supporters association membership first and also to allow those fans to buy tickets for their friends and families etc in order to keep the once in a lifetime so called fans out.

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not tickets related as such, but it's been about 3 hours since I mentioned to anyone that Hornchurch fc are going to Wembley outside of my WhatsApp group.

that little pub team from Essex...

I would dearly love to see you all at Wembley and would gladly s*** off a tramp / sir colin ivor stand (delete as appropriate or state there is no difference) to secure one, but the main thing for me is that the team have got there and they have this once in a lifetime opportunity to grace the 2nd best pitch on the planet after bridge avenue.

still haven't properly calmed down.  I just can't get enough etc.

mad love to everyone.  massive respect to everyone.  Wembley!!!

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Not been to The Bridge for a little while due to commitments I do not expect to be fortunate enough to get tickets.  I strongly agree that first priority should definitely be with those loyal fans, season ticket holders and supporters club.  Let’s hope we all manage to get tickets for Wembley.  Those that don’t will be able to watch the final with BT Sport I understand.  

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I think I’ve seen unconfirmed reports of 4,000 for each team although this may not be correct.  Without restrictions I would think that we could double this figure.  All bodes well for next season.  Perhaps the club could release early season tickets for next season to count towards preference for tickets, after current season ticket holders and club members and family’s?

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Is there any update on whether there is a chance that there will be any tickets left available ?  Completely understand if all allocated.  

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