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Fans Focus - Non League Football

Pred'n Lg - Wk 1 results, Wk 2 matches by Sat 24 Sep, 3pm


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Couldn’t make it yesterday but sounds like a very comfortable win.

A bit like my annihilation of Urchin Yid.   Normally I wouldn’t put the league table up after one week but clearly this is a special week for me.

It was a very high scoring week for most, though Diamond Geezer and Urchin Queen managed to buck the trend, making His Geezership a shoo-in for this week’s Lucky B@stard award.

For Mojo – don’t forget to predict on the contingency game which came into play this week (due to footballwebpages or my ineptitude, depending on your point of view).  You may have drawn or won if you did.   Also please put the score between the teams, not at the end, as this causes problems for my spreadsheet.  Many thanks.

Not much else to report in these early days, other than WAKEY WAKEY ADRIAN – you win the Fat Tom Alarm Clock award.

The results:







Next week - by 3pm Sat 24th Sep


And to predict.   (Yes a right load of old tosh but my options were a tad limited)

Scotland v Ireland
N. Ireland v Kosovo
Barrow v Orient
Billericay v Lewes
Hornchurch v Cray
Attendance :

Wealdstone v Southend

That's yer lot.
Good luck to the boys Tuesday night.



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Scotland 2 v 3  Ireland
N. Ireland 2 v 0 Kosovo
Barrow 1 v 2 Orient
Billericay 1 v 3 Lewes
Hornchurch 5 v 1 Cray
Attendance :666

Wealdstone 1 v 2 Southend

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Sir Colin

Scotland 2-1 Ireland
N. Ireland 2-0 Kosovo
Barrow 0-1 Orient
Billericay 2-2 Lewes
Hornchurch 3-1 Cray
Attendance : 580

Wealdstone 1-2 Southend

Mysterious Nick

Scotland 2-1 Ireland
N. Ireland 2-0 Kosovo
Barrow 1-1 Orient
Billericay 0-2 Lewes
Hornchurch 1-0 Cray
Attendance : 445

Wealdstone 2-0 Southend

Clive Alive

Scotland 1-1 Ireland
N. Ireland 1-0 Kosovo
Barrow 1-1 Orient
Billericay 2-1 Lewes
Hornchurch 2-1 Cray
Attendance : 612

Wealdstone 0-1  Southend

JAGO Chintastico

Scotland 2-0 Ireland
N. Ireland 1-1  Kosovo
Barrow 2-1 Orient
Billericay 2-1 Lewes
Hornchurch 2-0 Cray
Attendance : 575

Wealdstone 2-2 Southend



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Scotland 1 v 1 Ireland
N. Ireland 2 v 0 Kosovo
Barrow 2 v 2 Orient
Billericay 1 v 2 Lewes
Hornchurch 3 v 1 Cray
Attendance : 625

Wealdstone 1 v 1 Southend

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