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Harrow v Hornchurch latest


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Which makes the two home defeats even more annoying!

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Rob I know what you mean, but I decided to watch our old boys playing for Kelvedon Hatch at Ongar. It was nice to see Marso, Batesy, Price, Woffie, Cribbs (sub did not play) and Grant Lee in goal, they all had a good game, Grant look great in goal, also they are managed by two old players Nick Stagg and Darren Hunt..............btw they won 2-0 and yes Woffie got one of them,

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The last time I went to Ongar the match was delayed when a glider landed on the pitch and they had to wait for it to be towed away.


Is it still the rec ground (just off the main road) and is it still a roped off pitch?


For anyone who does not know - Kelvedon look like they are going to win the league this season, though I doubt very much that they will be allowed to progress into the ESL.


The only times this season when I had a spare Saturday were when the HFC matches were postponed, and on both occasions so were the Kelvedon matches.



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Dags, Ongar played off Love lane by the rugby club and the pitch was roped off, in fact there was a rugby match taking place at the same time. While watching the match I got talking to their chairman (kelvedon), as usual with non league a very nice man, and he was saying that if they did win the league they would be unable to progress due to not having floodlights, pity because they looked a very well run club..........

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