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Craig Bicknell Returns to the SSML

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Glad Bickers is back in the league, proper character. Bit underwhelmed by his interview though. Wish he'd talk more about his new club and less about himself and his struggles. Best of luck to him and all at NBSP though. I reckon it's gonna be a whirlwind!!

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Will be interesting as most are playing higher than Step 6. Although, one thing Craig Bicknell always managed to do was get players to want to play for him.

Agree i know D.Watson is banging in the goals for St Ives FC this season. That Ampthill Town team of 2013/14 was a big, strong direct team a tough team to play against thats for sure.

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not exactly that excited to be there. "Seeing as NSp were the only ones to pick up the phone" ?? I'd be disappointed if my new manager said that.

Yeah agree Dommy, another quote that caught my eye


"As they say, you find out who your mates are in bad times. I'm looking forward to seeing who is in my corner now."


Sounds like being appointed NBSP gaffer is a bad time? Awkward.


I use to get on well with one of Bickers' assistant the bald guy, had some great battles with him back in the day at Kodak playing in the London commercial league.

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You played at a good level...............

Cheers Piers Morgan.

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Football is football to be honest.


And 9 out of 10 times Rendon Bodgers is spot on with his gossip and predictions the geezer knows what he is talking about in my opinion.

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