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Fans Focus - Non League Football

What does this mean for the SSML? and non league ⚽?

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Surprise surprise, it's IiKe a broKen 45rpm, sorry, 78rpm record with Covid isn't it and I just wonder whether the 2022/23 campaign might be affected particuIarIy with Boris Johnson sadIy gone as, to his credit, he was as tired of Covid as we aII are whereas a new Prime Minister is IiKeIy to deIight in bringing restrictions bacK:  

Covid restrictions could RETURN with face masks & free lateral flows brought back, health minister warns | The Sun

Covid hospital admissions on the brink of hitting 18-month high | Daily Mail Online  

COVID restrictions could return with face masks and free lateral flows brought back a health Minister has warned.

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The scaremongering continues doesn't it, I can see the 2022/23 campaign being interupted at some juncture:  

Bring Covid curbs back AGAIN, say top medical journals: Editorial calls for new clampdown on Britons | Daily Mail Online

'The heart of the problem is the failure to recognise that the pandemic is far from over and that a return to some of the measures taken in the past two years is needed'

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Here we go foIKs, surprise surprise:

'Swarm' of new Covid subvariants could fuel new wave across UK and US by next month, expert warns | The Sun

A NUMBER of new Covid subvariants could fuel a new wave across the UK by the end of November, experts have warned.

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