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rules for fans at games

Henry hornchurch

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1 hour ago, CMcBride said:

Won't be able to go to Kent teams, our home games will go ahead with bar open with hot food, anyone bringing drink in will have it confiscated and I will sell it at East Thurrock fc 


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Following a meeting of the three "Trident Leagues"  (Northern Premier, Southern and Isthmian) clubs were asked to vote on a proposition that the pause in fixtures be continued with a regular review in light of changes to the Tiers and/or grants becoming available.

The total votes cast by the 224 clubs show a substantial number of clubs in agreement with the proposition.

The matter has been considered today by all concerned and a further statement will be issued in due course.

Further muddying of the fixtures waters.


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1 hour ago, Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch said:

Let's hope the substantial football clubs in a few weeks time are not the first to complain about money troubles because they cant have games on and fans in.

I very much suspect that a lot of those substantial number of clubs may well be complaining in the future but as the majority will be in tier 3 areas now it makes absolutely no sense for them to vote to start the season and play behind closed doors.  The only caveat would be if they received some form of compensation out of the 14M the government were setting aside for steps 3 to 6.  Unfortunately only a fraction of that 14M is in the form of grants.

We don't know how many "substantial" is but given the non-use of the word majority I'd guess more than half the clubs voted to start the season and it was a "Trident League" decision to sit tight, do nothing and wait for the next government tier review in mid-December in the hope that things will improve (or more pressure is put on the government by tier affected MPs).

The worrying thing is, I suppose, if the "Trident Leagues" are all acting as a musketeering one i.e. one for all and all for one etc etc then we may only resume when no club sits in a tier 3 area which could be well into the new year especially given the anticipated January covid spikes due to the relaxation of rules over Christmas .  At some point the leagues may have to diverge.

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Isthmian League Website today;

"Following the statement issued by the Isthmian, Northern Premier and Southern Football Leagues yesterday, further clarification can now be given in relation to the voting following the Zoom meetings held by all 3 Trident Leagues with their Member Clubs to discuss the impact of the raising of the lockdown on 2nd December.

There were 224 Clubs voting across the 3 Leagues and of these 172 agreed with the proposition to continue the pause in fixtures, 51 disagreed and there was 1 abstention. Broken down by League, 57 Clubs in the Northern Premier League voted to agree with 4 disagreeing, 68 Clubs in the Southern League agreed with 14 disagreeing and in the Isthmian League it was much closer with 47 Clubs agreeing, 33 disagreeing and 1 abstention.

The “Agree” vote was therefore 76% and it has been agreed that the three Leagues WILL NOT SANCTION FIXTURES AT THIS TIME.

It is intended that the situation is kept under review in line with Government review on the Tier allocations and restrictions. Accordingly, the next review is set for 16 December and then 30 December. It is the hope of all the Leagues that a date in January can be set for a return to fixtures with Clubs who wish being allowed to play before that date but this will not be until there is a change in the Tiers and/or some progress in the funding of the Clubs at this level.

The Government has allocated £25m to Sport England to fund Steps 1 to 6 of the National Leagues System, of which £14m is set for Steps 3-6 but is heavily weighted in favour of loans, not grants. The FA is working tirelessly with DCMS and Sport England to have the funding presented as Grants. However, these negotiations take time, and it is not expected to have an answer or clarification of details of even the loans until mid-January.

The deep concern of all involved in the NLS is that circumstances may mean that it is not possible to conclude the current format of competition in a manner in which promotion and relegation can be achieved throughout the whole pyramid with Step 2 being brought up to 48 Clubs and Step 4 brought up to 240 Clubs.

If, therefore, no progress is made by the Government on the Tiers in either of the two December reviews, it is the intention of the Alliance Committee to circulate those concerned with a survey to gather the views of the Clubs as how best to finish the season. Options will include an alternative format competition and extending the season possibly into June 2021. However the implications of all such proposals will involve the cost of players contracts and the ability of some clubs to continue playing because of other issues of grounds and the need to prepare grass pitches for the following season.

The Leagues are mindful of the needs of all Clubs and are striving to find a solution which is fair to all."

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15 hours ago, PONY TAILED URCHIN said:

this is a terrible decision and can only hurt clubs more.  we only had 2 clubs in tier 3 in our league so it could have been possible to re arrange fixtures to give us all a chance to have the league restarted.


This is a decision by the clubs though.  There are only 12 (I think) sides in Kent in the Isthmian league yet 47 Isthmian clubs didn't want to re-start so (assuming all 12 Kent clubs were in the 47), another 35 sides in tier 2 wanted to postpone the re-start.   

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Taken off the Isthmian League Website.

A translation would be appreciated.

"Football can return across ALL Covid Tiers- latest guidance from the FA

We've just received a statement from the FA, who have gained government agreement to allow home spectators to watch- following guidelines and with a limited capacity- across the country. Details below:

The FA has today received approval from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) for a limited return of home spectators to be permitted at clubs competing in the National League System (NLS), Women’s Football Pyramid (WFP)and Buildbase FA Vase if they are situated in Tier 3 areas.

The FA has worked continuously alongside the DCMS, Sports Grounds Safety Authority and leagues to gain approval and clubs competing in Steps 3-6 of the NLS, Tiers 3-6 of the WFP and Buildbase FA Vase that are situated in Tier 3 areas are now permitted to accommodate home spectators up to 15% of their capacity in line with Stage 1 of The FA’s respective guidelines for the NLS or WFP.

A limited return of home spectators up to 15% of capacity will also be permitted in the Buildbase FA Trophy if the fixture is between two ‘non-elite’ clubs (clubs at Steps 3-4 of the NLS) in a Tier 3 area. All fixtures in the Buildbase FA Trophy that involve an ‘elite club’ (clubs at Steps 1-2 of the NLS) in a Tier 3 area must remain behind closed doors in line with the UK Government’s return to ‘elite’ sport guidance.

Prior to admitting spectators, clubs competing in Steps 3-6 of the NLS, Tiers 3-6 of the WFP, the Buildbase FA Trophy and Buildbase FA Vase which are situated in Tier 3 areas are strongly advised to liase with their respective Local Authority for agreement on capacity limits.

It is extremely important that spectators remain in their household or social bubble in groups of six, do not mix with any other spectator groups, or travel between Tiers to attend fixtures, as enforceable by law. If breaches of spectator limits or social distancing are reported, clubs and leagues may face returning to fixtures being held behind closed doors.

Under UK Government guidelines, bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants in Tier 3 areas must be closed, except to sell by takeaway or click-and-collect, and this remains the case for clubs competing in Steps 3-6 of the NLS, Tiers 3-6 of the WFP, the Buildbase FA Vase and Buildbase FA Trophy with clubhouses in Tier 3 areas.

Clubs competing in Steps 3-6 of the NLS, Tiers 3-6 of the WFP, the Buildbase FA Vase and Buildbase FA Trophy that are situated in Tier 1 or 2 areas remain permitted to accommodate a phased and limited return of spectators if they continue to follow the UK Governments’ latest guidance on COVID-19 and The FA’s respective guidelines for the NLS or WFP.

Regional NLS Feeder Leagues, Tier 7 of the WFP and outdoor grassroots football also remain permitted to accommodate socially-distanced spectators but must follow the UK Government’s ‘rule of six’ and guidance on restrictions in certain tiers.

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I guess this means the "Trident Leagues" may well re-consider their decision to delay the re-start of the season.  Whether this is via another vote we'll have to wait and see.  But, if 35 tier 2 Isthmian league sides decided to postpone the re-start the first time around I'm not sure what has changed for them.  The sides that do benefit are the 12 or so in tier 3 who will now be able to have supporters.  It quotes 15% of capacity but I'm pretty sure it's still the same numbers as before i.e.  at step 3 this means 600 for tier 2 and 300 for tier 3.

We also have to factor in the re-evaluation of the tiers.  Clubs can't really vote until they know what tier they are in and these are due to be re-evaluated on 16th December.  It's likely that Kent may go tier 2 but London tier 3.  Cynics may conclude that the reason tier 3 will be allowed to have fans is because London will be re-classified as tier 3 from 16th.

So, our FA Trophy game at Tonbridge on 15th will go ahead unchanged i.e. behind closed doors with no spectators allowed.

On Saturday 19th - we don't know.  It'll depend on whether the Leagues re-start, whether we're still in the FA Trophy and what tier we are in (for travelling fans).

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