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Pred'n Lg - Wk 4 results, wk 5 matches by 12:30, Sat 06 Feb. Also a s[****!!****]y Payment option


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Howdy all.

Before we go any further, I am pleased to announce that those clever chaps AndyDick and Fat Tom have got together to create an on-line payment option for this 'ere prediction league.  (Mainly Andy I suspect!) 

This is a voluntary contribution and technically splits 50:50 between the Supporters' Association and the winner of Div 1. Except the tradition is that the winner magnanimously refuses to take the cash - as it is, of course, the glory that is important, lording it over your fellow Eastsiders/Riversiders.  And you get to look after the beautiful, hand-engraved trophy for a while Last year we were able to donate £140 - which we won't match this year in our shortened half-season, but maybe we can get close.  Every penny helps.

The link is as below - you will recognise the process if you've bought a 50:50 ticket previously.  Please pay £0 or £5 or £10 depending on your personal circumstances. I won't know and I won't pry so let your conscience be your guide. (There's an opportunity for the wags amongst you). Mr D and Lord Upminster get a free ride as last year's champs.  Any questions - just ask.


<< Nb. If you'd prefer to pay me directly when we are out of the Covid woods, that's fine too >>.

Anyway. Enough of the high finance.  What of the prediction league?

Dunno really - I've rather exhausted myself with all that payment business. Except to say:

  • The Covid replacement game was re-purposed at short notice as a riot-replacement game (our flexibility knows no bounds!);
  • Lord Upminster  finally got his arse in gear with an astonishing four scores out of five bang on. Not sure if he's got next week's lottery numbers yet but give him a bell;
  • Luke somehow snaked his way to the top for (I suspect) the first time in history, replacing his sometimes-buddy UrchinYid who tumbled an impressive 5 places in one week;
  • Lady Jago has been bending my ear about the unfairness of scoring 10 and losing - she got short shrift from me I can tell you.  That's life darlin'.
  • And long-term North Havering chums Paul C and Cup of Tea have cemented themselves to the bottom of Div 2 in some kind of pact of ineptitude.

Next week brings the much awaited Maidstone game so good luck to the boys.  "Rule 6" is brought to your attention, but as serial-offender MikeMike has rightly pointed out,  whenever he predicts against us in the big games we go on to triumph. So now I'm confused!

Here's the full confusion:

Upminster Division



Collier Row (S)





Week 5.  6th Feb 2021 by 12:30.

Please predict on :

Fenerbahce v Galatasaray
Villa v Arsenal (12:30)
Fulham v WHU
Orient v Colchester Utd
Hornchurch v Maidstone

Covid / riot / other contingency:
Hibs v Aberdeen

Up the Urchins.  Wem-ber-ley, Wem-ber-ley.





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  • Jago changed the title to Pred'n Lg - Wk 4 results, wk 5 matches by 12:30, Sat 06 Feb. Also a s[****!!****]y Payment option

Fenerbahce 1-2 Galatasaray
Villa 1-1 Arsenal (12:30)
Fulham 1-2 WHU
Orient 1-1 Colchester Utd
Hornchurch 1-1 Maidstone

Covid / riot / other contingency:
Hibs 2-1 Aberdeen

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Fenerbahce 2 v 0 Galatasaray
Villa 1 v 2 Arsenal (12:30)
Fulham2 v 3 WHU
Orient 1 v 0 Colchester Utd
Hornchurch 3  v 0 Maidstone

Covid / riot / other contingency:
Hibs 4 v 5 Aberdeen

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Nick's Knockers

Fenerbahce 1-0 Galatasaray
Villa 1-0 Arsenal (12:30)
Fulham 1-2 WHU
Orient 2-1 Colchester Utd
Hornchurch 1-2 Maidstone ... MikeMike will approve.  Official membership of The Hasbeen Salads will, I suspect, be under review.

Hibs 1-1 Aberdeen

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Fenerbahce 1-Galatasaray

Fulham 0 -2 WHU
Orient 2-0 Colchester Utd
Hornchurch 2-2 Maidstone

Covid / riot / other contingency:
Hibs 2 - 1 Aberdeen

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