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Hornchurch Vs ETFC

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No easy games as we head into the business end of the season, but this is a toughie. Had they not had a comparatively disastrous first half of the season then Hornchurch would no doubt be pushing Worthing close with their FA Trophy winning squad largely intact from last season. I'd suggest our forward line is a match for any other team in the league, but at the back is probably where Hornchurch have the edge on us. Looking at the full-backs, would you rather have Chappell and Kirwan or Parcell and Sutton? While Lee Chappell's long throws are a very useful weapon, lets be honest, he's no spring chicken (due to turn 37 this year), and Ryan, on the other hand, is very much learning his craft. So you'd have to say that Hornchurch are likely to have the edge on us in those important areas on the pitch - both attacking and defending down the flanks.

I think our best chance is if Mo re-discovers his goal-scoring form and we get in front early on. We've not done ourselves justice against any of the promotion challengers except Worthing (home) and Folkestone (away), so now would be the perfect time to find some confidence and fluency. As things stand, this could easily be a dress-rehearsal for the play-offs.

My concern is that we revert to the long-ball game which hasn't worked against the better defences.

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Wonder if we ll have a tiny number of replies today.....credit to the team and all involved   hornchurch have been on a tear so huge win for Town.

Super pleased for Adam too as he seems to have more detractors on here than fans.

Well done on only the 1 goal allowed too    ??

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Super competitive game yesterday.

All the Hornchurch players looked they’d be contestants for Worlds Strongest Man, very powerful in every department, but they lacked technical ability when it mattered.

We matched and battled to equal levels. A fair result would’ve been 1-1, but considering the referee only booked Town players when at least 3 Hornchurch players could’ve seen a first half card if not 1-2 reds. Therefore our boys thoroughly deserved their gutsy win where they bravely attacked , defended and didn’t shirk a tackle.

An absolute gift to go 1up by Joe Wright, totally misjudging Mannys 40 yard fee kick which sneaked in between himself and the right hand post.

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Great result Saturday, and from reading the reports and watching the highlights, it sounds like we defended well, were very competitive, and deserved at least a point. Need to kick on from these last two wins and keep racking up the points, as it's still going to go down to the wire, I feel. Maybe I need to write off games more often as we seem to do well when I least expect us to.

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