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What a night

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What a game, victory from the jaws of defeat. To be honest , the pace of our forwards were troubling Enfield but no doubt they were well organised and when they got a chance , it was put away. I think we were the better team overall and deserved that win. The only issue I had was the situation with Tom - that looked like a stamp to me and it could be a nasty injury to him unfortunately. Cheshunt had a similar win to us and it could be a very entertaining final on Monday, amazingly after finishing 4th, we’re at home!!! Massive win but one more game to go - COYU 

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7 hours ago, Sweetnicker said:

Good result guys nice to see the two unfancied teams in the final, look forward to Monday.

Thank you - I fancied you guys to beat Storford , think whoever wins on Monday is going to have to dig deep but genuinely don’t know who that’s going to be. Good luck for next season we’ll be in different leagues whoever wins

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Any highlights from your game at the townies ? Can't find any on youtube. 

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1 hour ago, PONY TAILED URCHIN said:

Their are some around, but none from Enfield town so far, however I wont tell you where until after Mondays game   just in case you send them to Ming!

Typical townies .If they'd won it'll be splattered all over social media with the gut bucket wonderous  achievement headlines Lol.  They might just get round to it in a few days once they've stop crying 😏

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