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Isthmian League Update


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The league have published the above info this evening laying out 6 timing options for restart

1. Start Sep 19th      ..decide by 21st August

2. Start 3rd Oct .. decide by 4th Sep

3. Start 10th Oct .. and play-offs replaced by top 2 promoted .. decide by 11th Sep

4. Start 17th Oct .. top 2 promote .. decide by 18th Sep

5. Just a proposal -  split into 2 smaller divisions, then remerge at 1/2 way based on PPG - top 5 round robin

6. No details yet - Jan start


My thoughts are 

1. lots of dialogue so good - and seem eager to start ASAP

2. replace play offs with top 2 promoted - or a 5 way round robin - well it would be different I suppose? At this stage I think I would rather have play offs if it was my decision?

3 Option 5 - if this was a north v south split could be favourable to us ? - But I would be concerned over such a delay and would rather we started asap


Any other thoughts?


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Despite the DCMS announcement clubs will still have to introduce measures to ensure a relatively safe Covid19 secure environment. 

This could mean access to some parts of the ground are limited  to ensure social distancing , introduction of one way systems , cashless pay , and restricted attendances.  And unlike Government announcements these things don’t happen overnight. 


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The FA have now released further guidance:-


Doesn't start until Saturday so no fans for the Hertford Town game on Friday - I guess we'll have to wait to hear from Grays about Saturday.

Seems that from 22/8/20 we can play matches with a maximum of 15% of capacity.

From 31/8/20 that increases to 30% of capacity provided at least one match has been played at the 15% level.

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Confirmation now from The Isthmian League:


However, if you look at the table they've produced, it's not the capacity of the ground that's used but the minimum capacity for the league. For us at Step 3 that's 1,950 so 15% is 300 (presumably they've rounded the figures!).

For Grays, at step 4, it's 1,350 so 15% is 200.

Grays have tweeted to say they will announce very shortly their plans to allow spectators to watch their home games from this Saturday.

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I bought my season ticket online last night. It was order#220. Any idea if this number relates to just season tickets / or just onine / or not at all? What's the usual number of season tickets sold?

I'd expect demand to be up if people want their fix but then I get the feeling lots of older folks aren't venturing out much yet. And we have a good smattering of them.

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