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PLEASE READ: Streaming against Kings Lynn Town.

Fat Tom Daley

PLEASE READ: Streaming Against Kings Lynn Town  

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  1. 1. What is your opinion?

    • Yes - Allow KL to stream the game and charge £12
    • No - Reject the proposal and live streaming will not be allowed on the day.
    • Try and negotiate a much smaller fee but if they refuse, do not stream the game. 

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We have our FA Trophy game scheduled to take place on 16th January which we had hoped to live stream on the basis we are not permitted to have fans at the ground for the match.

Part of the ruling of live streaming is that both teams have to be in agreement for it to occur. We had intended to live stream the game for free to all fans however our opponents Kings Lynn have objected to this and have suggested that they would be willing to live stream the game but would request a £12 fee to be payable to access the stream. This is the price we would normally charge for a matchday ticket to come to the game if fans had been allowed but before we formally respond, we thought we should seek the view of our fans via a poll. 

1. Yes allow KL to stream the game and charge £12 per person
2. No reject the proposal and live streaming will not be allowed on the day.
3. Try and negotiate a much smaller fee but if they refuse, do not stream the game. 

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Quite frankly I find it ridiculous they are requesting this. We are the smaller club with the smaller budget who were going to stream the game for free yet they are demanding a fee! 

Let’s not forget the supporters association paid just short of £1000 to get this game out to the fans free of charge! I am fully against Kings Lynns proposal. 

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I'm in total disagreement that we should be charging fans the privilege of £12 to watch a game that cannot be attended in person. Let's not forget the good will gestures of Dulwich Hamlet, Tonbridge Angels and Hampton & Richmond for streaming the respective FA Trophy and FA Cup games free of charge.

In my opinion, as we are the home team the final say should be with us, the club, as to whether we charge or not although I know that cannot be the case. 

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I’m sorry, but this is outrageous.

This season I’ve been extremely grateful for (and greatly impressed by), the streaming services for our games offered for free by Hampton & Richmond, Tonbridge Angels and Dulwich Hamlet.  Nothing beats being at the match itself, but those clubs put in a tremendous effort so that we could watch the games.

The Supporters Association recognised the benefits that these services provide and have spent a significant sum of money so that we could offer both our own and Kings Lynn’s fans the same.  We all recognise that we are unlikely to see live football for some time to come – this was an opportunity to provide some much needed respite. For a National League side to impose this on us, at our own ground, so they can make a few quid is beyond belief.

I vote to reject and tell the to do one.

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It’s a no for me on pure principle basis the £12 fee they mention I assume they want some/all of it ? 

So from their greed not only do our fans suffer theirs do too!  You really would think that in troubled world we all live in today that a smaller club (apparently) trying to bring some cheer to people free of charge they would endorse it not try and prevent it.

Twitter here I come 

Ps well done the SA getting the equipment together and paying the cost class act 

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Who the f**k do they think they are?!!

They are the away team and we are offering to view the game for free not just to Hornchurch supporters but to Kings Lynn and actually probably to anyone else who wants to watch a game of football.

Why are they dictating what we want to do about our live streaming? 

Personally they can go shove their offer right up their arrogant arses!!

Can Hornchurch speak to the FA regarding this?

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Absolutely outrageous and downright selfish on their part. I appreciate that football clubs are struggling for money but some people have lost their jobs and can’t afford to pay £12 at the moment. The idea of live-streaming it for free was surely so people can enjoy watching the game and donate what they can afford, whether that be nothing or full ticket price.

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Reject the idea. Can’t believe they are acting as absolute prats. It’s bad enough them being classed as ELITE. Absolute joke. Full appreciation to the SA for getting the gear as a way forward, so let’s Stick it up em!!!!

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I agree with what appears to be the majority of the Urchin faithful. If the cost of showing Kings Lynn that their stance is selfish and appears purely money-led is that I can’t watch my favourite team, them so be it!

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So at a time when a little bit of good will to all men has been taking place across non league football and the national league with many clubs live streaming for free we find Scrooge exists in the form of Ling's Lyn FC.  An absolute disgrace to be demanding any money to show games when they have a nice little lump of TV money from BT Sport to look forward to having already been show live.

I am not happy paying for this just to satisfy Scrooge FC desire to make money!  But I am more than happy to donate the cost of entry to the Urchins!

Hopefully you will be able to film the match and show some extended highlights either later in the evening or at some point over the remaining weekend.

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Smacks of a bit of desperation on Kings Lynns part to me, nobody else has gone down this route previously

and all the games have been broadcast by goodwill. I think we should tell them to shove their idea where the sun doesn't shine and let their supporters see what their Club is really like and obviously don't think too much of their own

fan base. A no from me.

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Massively disappointed with Kings Lynn’s stance on this. At the time of this post, no-one has agreed to pay the £12 on here. This is a difficult time for people, yes I know non league clubs have struggled but the resources of that club far outweighs ours and we were willing to stream it for free.

We’re in another lockdown, my company will Furlough people from Monday (sure there are many others) and people have lost their jobs. Come on Kings Lynn FC, don’t be mean over this and relent your position. I won’t be paying a penny for this




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Show's there are desperation and clearly a money hoarder. I disagree with the payment, there's already BT and Amazon out there but why charge livestream when it's non-league football? I can't get my head around it. Selfish is the simple description.

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