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Notts County 3 - 3 Hornchurch (HFC win 5-4 pens)


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Never in doubt...

again.  oh my shattered nerves.

I will revisit this thread when I have gathered my thoughts.

Parcell defending.  wright banks-esque save.  the whole HEART showed from the team in EVERY area. the second half performance.  we bossed them,

my goodness.

my shattered nerves.  

holy hell.


love you all 


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Literally just stopped crying. What an amazing game. Hornchurch just doesn't know when they're beaten. Never thought anything would top Weymouth but today has done it.

It is going to take a while to sink in that our next game is at Wembley (and not Wembley FC, the other one!)

Well done to everyone and Karma for Tina as well

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I couldn't put in to words the emotions before during and after but thank you to all involved in giving us fans a lasting memory we never thought we'd actually have....little old HX at Wembley...wow it really happened

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happy to help @fisherman'sfriend.  it's 27th March 2021.  the date that the pub team from Essex decided that, whilst Bridge Avenue is a lovely place to play football, that a day out at HA9 0WS would be nice.

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A massive well done you urchins past present, far and wide. 
we have followed where we can and today was unbelievably emotional. 
this squad really have some kind of special spirit that somehow personifies the club I know. 
I just hope I’m lucky enough to get that ticket to Wembley to just be part of the joy of being there. 
up the urchins!!!!

this ones for Tina xxxxxxx

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I don't think it'll ever sink in that the 'Pub Team from Essex' have gotten to Wembley. As opposed to making up the numbers, let's go and win the thing.


I'm bursting with pride and want to thank all involved in this magical journey. The effort from everyone and the hard work put in behind the scenes has been incredible.



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This is what can happen if you have a vision and the resilience and determination to achieve it. Well done, but really words are not enough for what everyone at the club achieved. This for me tops the 1st/2nd round of FA cup, Weymouth and the slog in the ESL. My first match was Marlow at home - anyone out there know what year that was?? I can then pin down how many years I’ve supported this great club. 

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