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No shame lads


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Cracking goal by Jack and I didn't see any threat but a straight red for Tom deputising at left back and the rest is history against a well organised side only one outcome back to the domestic scene next weekend,up the Urchins 

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What an appalling performance!!!

And that is just the referee.  

All.the lads played well in first half and although the game was scrappy we had Oxford in our pockets they were no threat at all and Munns goal was a cracker, 

Then the madness a harsh red for Wraight thought maybe a yellow and the oxford players moaning before restart and should have blown for half time  but he adds more time let's 2 fouls on urchin players go and we end up 1-1

Unjustified but still in the game.


2nd half the lads played with heart and could have scored several times and if the ref had actually given free kicks to Urchins instead of waving play away we might have got a result as we were far from outclassed. But no he loses his head and becomes a bent cooper wearing blue n white hoops! 

Gives fouls all.over the pitch that were not, I mean if you cant make physical contact in this game then we may as all give up football oxford were soft and milking everything conning the ref.

Terrible decisions and if you cant have physical shoulder to shoulder contact then we may as well give up football altogether a complete one sided referring contest ruined what could have been.

I'm realy proud of our players and the heart they put into this game they really showed courage and gave it their all.

The crowd was excellent and tried to do there bit and give the lads some hope but it was not our day.

Let's hope we can take out our frustration on the next few ganmes and go smash this league as we should not be still here but competing in the conference south


Well done to the lads we go again 

IP the Urchins.


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Just a really brave performance from the guys , the scoreline is unrepresentative of the performance. Red card made all the difference but the ref didn’t do us any favours in that second half. Oxford were well organised but I think we were more than holding our own before that crazy last few minutes in the first half.

no criticism of the team at all, they should all hold their heads up high COYU 


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A strong first half performance from the boys. 

I'm not sure in what competition a two footed off the floor tackle isn't a red, and rightly Wraight was shown one. Poor organisation post red card led to the equaliser.  Nashy went down a little too easily in the build up.

Second half?  We missed an open goal which would have turned the game around. Cracking second goal from them.  Penalty was soft but we weren't looking like getting back into it. 

Clark at the back was slow and ponderous the whole of the second half, and they looked dangerous every time they came forward. If Ricky is out for any length of time, it's a position we need to urgently strengthen.

Let's hope our form picks up for the league.


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If Braintree and Oxford City are representative of the standard in National South then I think we'll have no trouble next season. Provided of course we don't get the officials we had yesterday

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Well well well, slow that down just before wraights tackle and you can clearly see he wins that ball and the oxford player jumps up over him at worst a yellow card for being bit reckless.

Robbed by the referee yet again and sadly we cant have a replay for such incompetence 

I just hope that we can show the FA this footage in an appeal and get the red reduced to.a yellow or even cancelled.


As for the players I really hope that they can come back strongly with a positive reaction and stamp their mark on this league as you all deserve to play in the national south or higher.

Great bunch of lads we go again

Up the Urchins 

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