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darlington 1 - 2 hornchurch


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oh my goodness.  oh my shattered nerves.

what a professional and clever performance.  soaked up some unbelievable pressure and absolutely made the most of our chances.

credit to quakers tv - what a professional set up.  think their co-commentator a little bit bitter from 2003 still.

I am just so happy for the club and the team.

the season continues!!

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Whatever I say won't do that performance justice. Just incredible everyone of them. Let's hope we have enough time to patch up the walking wounded and back for the semis. The co-commentator and ex manager of them kept on mentioning our apperent lack of fitness and how it will tell in the later stages. Perhaps there's a reason he is now ex manager? Either way Higgins et all played out of this world to shut him and his biased views up.

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What a fantastic result for the players I am so pleased that all the hard work paid off and at least we have our own highlights to watch as I most certainly do not want to listen to the dismissive and rather derogatory comments towards our team all game from Darlington's commentary picking at his goal v Maidstone and suggesting they were going to run the lads off the park which thoroughly came back to haunt them with an outstanding performance by the Urchins.

From that first whistle the lads hustled and fought over every part of the pitch, moved the ball around better and dominated the game despite the stats somehow suggesting the home side were having more of the shots and play it's the goals that count.  that first goal was a lovely passing flowing move with the little flick over to Remi from Higgins and Nash putting it away and from that point on we had a game.

The last laugh in this match falls to Higgins who put away a penalty to seal the win and for my money was the man of the match with his intelligent play clever little passes and strong hold up play totally dominating the defence to keep Darlington pushed back.  The Non League paper puts him in as star man too which really rubs salt into the opposition perhaps they will be a bit more respectful in future.

All in all a thoroughly brilliant win and history has been written this weekend for the team and I really hope this group of players and the management team keep writing history this season and for many to come.  it's been such a joy in this hard time of lockdown to be able to watch this team thanks for your hard work and dedication for making happy memories for all us fans


Up the Urchins

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A great effort from the boys ( unfit and lump it team from essex ) nuff said.

Please see below ball numbers for this afternoons draw.

Ball numbers:

1 Notts County 
2 Hornchurch
3 Hereford
4 Woking

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A few comments about the Darlington match -

Streaming - Excellent (pity about the commentators).

Commentators - very one-sided, sarcastic, and made to eat their words.

The sending off was a straight red - it was not a second yellow.

This is the first time in HFC history that players have been sent off against us in three consecutive matches.

The programme is available for download - it is total rubbish, with hardly a word about Hornchurch. It does however make an excellent souvenir.

Player of the match - that's easy - Sam Higgins - he only passed a fitness test on the day of the match, having been injured in the previous match three weeks ago.

And in case anyone did not notice - welcome to Matt Bennett, signed from Basildon - perhaps I should say Welcome Back, as he played for us last season (in the youth team).


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